More about Keith Underwood

Photo courtesy Inked Magazine May ’12

Keith was brought up in the tattoo world as a traditional tattoo artist. With an apprenticeship under Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone (who has worked with the great traditional tattoo artists “Sailor Jerry” Collins and Ed Hardy), Keith’s career path led him to the knowledge of traditional ways of tattooing and his way of doing business.

“School of Hard Knocks” is a phrase that Keith is all-too familiar with. In 2004, he opened Taylor Street Tattoo and Body Piercing, but not without a fight. He fought tooth and nail to get the shop approved by the city and neighborhood to open a tattoo shop on Taylor Street in Chicago, IL. Finally, the shop opened and it became the street shop he had always dreamed of having. It is a traditional shop, done the old school way, for the common man.

As many comedies have their tragedies, Keith’s life came to a screeching halt when he found his friend, his mentor, his confidant, dead in his apartment. Rollo Banks took his life in 2007 and sent a roar of cries out into the tattoo community. This left Keith distraught and befuddled. Keith and his wife, Kindel, and their two children were planning to move to Austin, TX in the summer of 2007. The plans had involved Rollo moving down with them. With Rollo gone, and only the future to look to, Keith turned his career in a new direction. He and Oliver Peck joined the Warped Tour to be the only two tattoo artists on tour to work on band members, roadies, and groupies. It was a mobile tattoo career, in a very turn-of-the-century way that involved traveling in a circus-like atmosphere. Except in this day in age, instead of sailors getting tattooed, his main clientele was rock n’ rollers.

Since his move to Austin, TX, Keith has had every intention of opening a tattoo shop there. Keith has been traveling the past three summers with the Warped Tour, making appearances at some tattoo conventions, and traveling back to Chicago to work at Taylor Street. After a whirlwind lifestyle like that, Keith has finally decided to plant some roots in Texas and is looking forward to becoming the HNIC at Eternally Bound Tattoo. Besides having this new shop, Keith is also submerged in other businesses, like his record label End Sounds. He co-owns the label with his business partner Jonathan Gill. True Widow, Death In The Park and Mike Herrera’s (from MXPX) side project, Tumbledown, are just a few on the label. Keith is also involved with a screen-printing company, Anchor, based out of Dallas and co-owned by Oliver Peck. Not only is he a U.S. patent holder for tattoo technology, he also has his own line of ink called The Good Color and continues to build made-to-order tattoo machines.

Keith sounds like a busy man, but he has proved that he can handle running multiple businesses and raise a family at the same time. With a solid shop to call his own in Texas, Keith is looking forward to making it as successful as his other businesses and spending more time with his wife and their two boys, Rooster Malone and Johnny Cash.